Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Talk talk talk.

That is what Miya does these days. She talks and talks and talks some more. We call her a parrot because she literally repeats us on most things. Here is a few of my recent favorites:

Indy-nana: Her word for where Nana lives "Indiana". This one makes me smile :)

Appa-shauce: Apple sauce. The girl loves it

Yo-gabgabblagaba: yo gabba gabba, her favorite show. She thinks daddy is DJ lance. She really does.

Ha-ya-yu-ya: Hallelujah

HOTDOG: she says it crystal clear now. And she wants them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Outside-bug: Why she says this every time we talk about outside I will never know. But whenever we talk about going outside she yells "outside bug" over and over

Fru-fruit: Grapefruit. One of her favorite fruits. But we have learned to limit her after we discovered what too many can do to her GI tract. Not fun.

Dant-do: thank you. Love when she says this.

No-dant-do: when she doesn't want something she says this.

Yes-peas: Yes please. Love to hear this one too!

Poopoo potty! Hear this one A LOT. Sometimes it's genuine...other times we just spend a 1/2 hour in the bathroom with no success.

But on that note....
Potty update: She is going in the potty regularly, we have good days in bad but she is definitely telling us when she needs to go, and there have been times she has held in when we are in the car etc.. It's definitely time consuming....but I have to say she is essentially training herself. She is definitely at the point where she hates going in her diaper, and she loves to get a treat. So it's a win-win. It will be interesting to see if this continues once we move, but we'll see!

She is definitely growing up! Hard to believe she is only about 4 months away from turning 2.

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Life with Gemelos said...

I love reading your blog...especially entries like this. It gives me a glimpse into what I have to look forward it :)