Monday, December 06, 2010


I am such a "themes" person. The wheels have been turning as I have been trying to think of what theme Miya's new room should be, and how I want to incorporate her nursery theme which was an aviary theme with birds and owls. So... I decided we are going to do a Nature theme, so we can still have our birds and owls but I also want to have other forms of nature/creation in there as well.

I have many ideas on diy stuff I'd like to do...but that will have to wait until we finish packing and moving. But today I made this picture for Miya's room:






I just need to find a square frame for it, I can't wait to hang it! I am planning to gather most of my inspiration from this etsy shop All I used to make this was some cardstock and decorative paper I had on hand and it took about 20 minutes!

Sooo many cute ideas! And the cutest thing about this song is we have been singing it to her since she was born. Definitely a favorite...and now she loves "shunshine" and every morning insists I open up her blinds first thing and sing the "shunshine" song :)

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