Wednesday, September 27, 2006

10 Simple pleasures

I didn't forget. It was just kind of on the backburner. For those who are curious. Below you can find my ten simple peasures. I think everyone else has already been tagged, so I am copping out of the part where I tag others. Enjoy!

10 Simple Pleasures

10)Sitting down with a hot cup of tea.
9)Going walking at Sugarloaf or someplace else where God’s glory in nature is displayed.
8)Watching football with my dad.
7)Hearing about what God is teaching to my friends.
6)Being able to spend time with my guitar.
5)The smell of popcorn (and also eating popcorn).
4)Baking with the love of my life.
3)Reading a good book.
2)Reminiscing about memories of all my friends from college and all the crazy things we did.
1)Making new memories with Laura.

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