Monday, September 25, 2006

First time for everything

This weekend I did what I never thought I would do. I can be a forgetful person would probably forget my head if it wasn't screwed on tight. The one thing I have never done before is forgotten my keys and locked myself out of the car. I've even had times when I've gone running and put my house key in my shoe and then when I went driving later I left the key in my running shoes, thus locking myself out of the house.

I think it all traces back to my first semester of college where you got two free passes for locking yourself out of your room, but the third time they have to let you in you pay a fine. Twice I locked myself out of room and from that point on I never did it again because I didn't want to pay the fine. Well technically, I only locked myself out of my room once, the second time I had put my key in back pocket, which I never do, had to go get the spare key from the desk and by the time I got to my room I realized what I did, but I was too embarassed to go back and return the key right away because I had to much pride to say, "well, um, I just disovered that I didn't lock myself out, but the key was in my back pocket all along."

This Saturday, after our first premarital seminar, we were walking out to the car, talking about lunch and all of a sudden I realized my keys were not in my pockets. No need to fear because I never lock my keys in the car, they must be someplace. After searching the parking lot, lost and found and various other places, they keys were not to be found. You are probably thinking, it's a good thing Lew carries a spare key on him, well actually, Lew does not carry a spare key on him. In need of a good workout, Laura and I made the 20 minute trek to my house to get the key and 20 minute trek back.

This whole scenario could have been avoided except for my pride. In the past Laura would ask me if I had my keys and I would often respond back in a prideful way as I impersonated Napolean Dynamite and stated, "GOSH, of course I have my keys." A more humble response would have been to see Laura's desire to help and not to think so highly of myself and my ability's to always remember my keys.

Reason #82 why I am excited to marry Laura in 82 days:

She views herself as my helper and is eager to help me and does not want me to cultivate self sufficiency or pride.

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Mom ellis said...

Don't feel bad Lew. I have rescued many of my kids in the past for locking their keys in the car( Laura will be a wonderful"helper" to you!!)