Friday, September 01, 2006

Musical Memories

I have a stat counter on this blog and it's neat to see where all the different people come from that visit this blog. For those of you that never read the original Lew blog I want to share the story of how Laura and I got engaged. I was planning on placing this link on the side bar soon, but I figure it deserves its own post.

It was April 22nd and we had made plans to go the Acts musical put on at our church. Earlier that day we had talked to her brother and his wife and gone over the 5 questions to ask yourself before engagement. By God's grace we passed and received their blessing. I told Laura that the singles pastors at our church had a video they wanted all couples to watch before engagement. I put in the DVD without her seeing what it was titled.

Follow this link to relive the memory with us: Engagement video

She said "yes" and here we are 3 months two week and 1 day away!

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Charissa said...

Hey Laura and Lew!! I miss you both a lot and can't wait to see you. I like it here a lot but I def. miss home,I'll be home next weekend so maybe we can do something on friday if not though it's ok! I'm very excited for your wedding too, it'll be here before we know it!! Well keep me in your prayers,God's been very good to me! <3 always Rissa