Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Spurgeon once said that there is no greater kindness that anyone can do but pray for me.

Prayer is something that both Laura and I could appreciate right now. Laura is starting a new semester of school and this one will definitely be her busiest one yet. You can also pray for me as I have a job interview with Lanmark Technologies as to be a project manager for a digital library initiative at the Department of Labor. We are both at a place where we realize that we can't be self sufficient and do things on our own, but we are totally in need of God's sovereign grace daily to do any good!

True love to Christ is in every case the Holy Spirit's work, and must be wrought in the heart by Him. He is the efficient cause of it; but the logical reason why we love Jesus lies in Himself. Why do we love Jesus? Because He first loved us. Why do we love Jesus? Because He "gave Himself for us." We have life through His death; we have peace through His blood. Though He was rich, yet for our sakes He became poor. Why do we love Jesus? Because of the excellency of His person. We are filled with a sense of His beauty! an admiration of His charms! a consciousness of His infinite perfection! His greatness, goodness, and loveliness, in one resplendent ray, combine to enchant the soul till it is so ravished that it exclaims, "Yea, He is altogether lovely." Blessed love this-a love which binds the heart with chains more soft than silk, and yet more firm than adamant! (Spurgeon)

Care group last night went really well. We spent a lot of time in prayer and we closed with the above reading from Morning and Evening and meditating on the atonement. It always amazes me to think about God's love and care for me that He would send His holy Son to die in my place so that I can wear His righteousness and be His child. To think that He has taken care of my greatest need, so how can He not take care of all others. It's easy to judge my relationship with God based on outward circumstances, but He is truly continually blessing me just by allowing me to be in relationship with Him. His love is so great and He is so worthy of praise that it excites me to think of what it will be like to praise Him forever in Heaven.

"Why should anything have my heart, but God, but Christ? He love me, He loves me with love that passeth knowledge, and I will love Him. His love stripped Him of all for my sake; Lord, let my love strip me of all for thy sake. I am a son of love, an object of love, a monument of love; of free love, of distinguishing love, of peculiar love, and of love that passeth knowledge: and why should not I
walk in love -- in love to God, in love to man, in holy love, in love unfeigned?"-John Bunyan


Jen said...

It is my joy to pray for you and Laura! I just lifted you both up to our Heavenly Father, as I sipped my chai latte. Mmm yummm.

Mrs. Ellis said...

My prayers are with you both daily, but I will be continually praying on Friday!!Thanks for the encouragement from Charles S.!!

Kate said...

Hi... thanks for the welcome to cloverwood!

Rachel said...

we'll be praying for you! look forward to hearing how the interview goes!!