Sunday, April 05, 2009

1 week

I can't believe it's been a week. I don't even know how to sum up this past week. It has been so full and there have been so many new experiences I just can't believe how much has changed in such a short period of time! We brought Miya home on Wednesday and it has definitely been an adventure. I feel like there is something new everyday and it definitely keeps me on my toes! Learning to feed her and care for all of her most basic needs is very humbling and at times can feel so overwhelming! But it is a joy, I keep telling Lew "Can you believe we have a child, and she is totally dependent on us!?"

So what has this week looked like with our Miya Noelle?

-She is such a calm baby. I can't believe it. I thought all newborns were like this, but my pediatrician assured me that this is not so. It doesn't take much for her to be happy, just a full belly, snuggles, and warmth. And really pretty much if she's fed she's happy!

-She is still trying to get the hang of feeding. Or should I say we are trying to get the hang of it. It's definitely a team effort. There have moments where I thought "I don't know if I can do this." We have also had many crying sessions where we both are in tears...But there has been so much grace to persevere through the learning process and stick with it. It is definitely one of those things that for being so "natural" it definitely doesn't come naturally!

-She doesn't like to be swaddled too much, I mean she doesn't mind it, but she prefers to have her hands free so she can keep them close to her face and mouth.

-She had her first bath at home and lets just say....she pretty much hated it! It was so funny my Mom, Dad, Lew, and I were all crammed into the bathroom giving her a bath...she was just not thrilled about the whole thing. Lew even videotaped parts of it, but there is lots of crying in this video so it's not for the faint of heart (I'm speaking to myself really, I can't stand to see her cry!) It's cute because at one point she looked like she was enjoying me washing her hair....until I had to rinse it...then it was back to tears!

happy and awake after her bath

Thank for the help meema and pop pop!

And she's out :) I think we wore her out

-She got to meet her great grandma Kouneski for the first time!

-Miya had her first doctors appointment and we were so happy to hear she had gained 5 ounces in just 2 days! She is only 3 away from her birthweight which is good news. We just have to keep getting her to eat and eat since she is so tiny.

-She had her first photoshoot with my friend Megan! We will post those once we have them

-She has really enjoyed sleep... lots and lots of sleep. I can't believe how much she loves it. She has been sleeping on my chest for the past 2 hours while I write these lengthy posts and I know that in about 5 minutes I will have to wake her and get her to eat! Which is not easy...she would prefer sleep over food sometimes! She is sleeping about 3 hours at a time at night and sometimes she will wake herself up to eat, but usually I end up having to wake her up and get her completely undressed in order to get her to eat. But thankfully I have been getting about 5-7 hours of sleep at night in about 2-3 hour increments, which hasn't been too bad. And feeding has only taken about 30-40 minutes at night on average which I am thankful for.

There is so much more but one thing that has really been eye opening this week has been how much I need God's help right now. Being a Mom is wonderful and truly the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced....but it's also hard at times, and requires complete sacrifice. Now let me just say I have never enjoyed sacrificing for another person more than I do for Miya...but still this life that I have now looks very very different from the one before. At times nothing looks familiar and that can seem so scary. My body is weak and recovering while I try to tend to this little baby, my mind sometimes races at all that I think I "need" to get done, and sometimes I feel lost in this new world wondering when things will look more like the old life. But I have been more thankful for grace then ever before. I know I need help and probably have never prayed more than I have this past week. What grace that God would use this to draw me nearer to him. I have never felt so humbled as I do as a new Mom. I was reading a friends blog from when she was a new Mom and she posted an article called "40 days with Natalie" that spoke to my heart so much! The article talks about how things will not look as they once did...this is a "new normal". I need to embrace this new normal and not try to fight to fit Miya into what once was normal in our life. The article can be found here. I would recommend it for any Mom or soon to be Mom. It has been such a joy as I have sought to not look back at what the "old life" looked like, but rather to just take one day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time. Our lives have been changed forever in such a dramatic way. I want to enjoy every moment I have in this new season. I know she will grow up so fast and I don't want to live looking ahead to the next thing and missing out on where I am right now.

Happy 1 week Miya! We love you so so so so much. You bring your mommy and papa so much joy, and we can't thank God enough for you!


Cara said...

Congratulations to you, Lew and Laura! We were praying for you through your long labor and are so happy to know that your Miya is here now, safe and sound. It was wonderfully precious to get to read your stories from the last week or so. It's true that there are endless things to learn and adjustments to make... for us, that has never changed, even though Meg's newborn days are 3 years in the past! But God's grace abounds, and so do the wonderful and rewarding moments of parenthood, as you now know very well! Enjoy every moment with your beautiful little girl! I will be praying for you.

Cherai said...

OH, she looks so cute - even when she is mad! Can't wait to meet her. Hope you all have fun with Mom and Dad Lewis come to visit.