Sunday, April 19, 2009

3 weeks!

Another week has passed, and it's hard to believe. Lew is back to work and this will be Miya's and mine first full week together without Daddy here, we already miss him! This week has been great, and Miya is getting more and more alert. She still gets thrown off and can't quite tell the difference between night and day. We try to wake her up after dinner to give her some "awake" time before bedtime...but no matter what we do she occassionally likes to be awake from 9 until about midnight. She doesn't fuss, she just wants to be held and fed...and fed some more! So we usually compensate for those nights by sleeping in. Thankfully that doesn't happen often, but tonight happens to be one of those nights so as I type I am holding her while she stares at me with wide open eyes. I don't think she has any intention of falling to sleep anytime soon :) On the in between nights she likes to sleep for 3-4 hour chunks, which defintely makes up for the other late nights!

Another new thing this week was we found out Miya has reflux. We had been trying to figure out what was bothering her, she would occassionally spit up, but she also was choking and gagging a lot during feedings which was concerning to both Lew and I. So we took her to the pediatrician who gave her zantac. We tried that for a few days, but she absolutely hated the taste of it! So we tried something called colic calm that a friend of ours recommended, and it seems to be helping, she also loves the taste of it. Thankfully our girl doesn't have colic, but this stuff is all natural and can help with anything from reflux to baby gas and other digestive issues. The only problem is it has vegetable charcoal (so it's black and thick) in it which can be quite messy when we give it to her....but the relief is definitely worth it!

This week she has continued to do her tummy time but it usually follow this sequence:

"so what exactly do you guys want me to do here?"

"I'm supposed to use my arms and do what?"

"how about if I just lay here instead?"

"don't worry I'm not sleeping, I'm just resting my eyes..."


We actually did get her to push up with her little arms and use her neck muscles...but it only lasted for a moment. But you have to start somewhere!
this is her successfully using her little arms to do a "push up". She made mama so proud ;)

This is her in her cute baby gap dress (thanks Aunt Janet!) She wasn't too happy about being posed for this picture which explains the scrunched up face. This was the best out of 8 pictures if that tells you anything :) That is another thing we have discovered in week 3...Miya has very strong preferences and she isn't afraid to make them known! We are discovering these preferences slowly but surely, but no matter how much we seek to understand her, they change from day to day. The other day for instance we were changing her diaper and she began to cry so hard she turned purple from head to toe! It sure gave mama a scare, so much of a scare that I called her doctor. Her pediatrician patiently confirmed that if Miya calmed down once we finished changing her that this was simply her way of saying "I DON"T LIKE THIS!" with a good healthy cry. Apparently a cry that makes a baby purple just means they are healthy and have a good set of lungs :) Good to know!

These are some more pictures of Miya following tummy time. It's amazing how exhausted she gets after only being awake for an hour!
Resting on Daddy

She's out. I'm pretty sure she stayed like this for a while!

Yesterday we went to our first Church service, which went well. I was hoping she would sleep through the whole service which unfortunately didn't happen. She woke up right as the message started and started squeaking...which almost always leads to a good loud cry so I was thankful for the warning and whisked her out of the sanctuary. We enjoyed the message from a comfy chair in the lobby.

We then spent some time at Meema and Pop Pop's house. Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jeremy and Brendon also stopped by too! It was fun to get out and spend some time with family

Here she is very Uncle Jer

Loving on Pop Pop

If you can believe this...We just discovered we have absolutely NO pictures of the 3 of us! Yup it took us all this time to figure out that we have been so caught up in caring for our new girl that we never had someone take a picture of our new little family! Whoops :) Well no time like the present...
Here we are!
and one more.

And just because she is so cute and Daddy insisted....
I'm sure she will enjoy many a cubs games with Papa when she gets a little older :)

So that's pretty much the update for week 3! Hard to believe our girl is growing so fast. I can tell she is putting on lots of weight...mostly evidenced by her growing cheeks :) We are enjoying every moment with her!


Brandy said...

What a cutie! Time passes so quickly. Enjoy ll that snuggle time! Im SO glad you found out about colic calm so early on- we didn't hear of it until Matthan was 3 months old! It was a blessing- a mess of course but worth it! If you do have to go back to Zantac for any reason- we got it flavored with GRAPE and its MUCH better! :O)

amy said...

i love the series of pics with miya falling asleep on the pillow.

josiah has the same issues with choking/gagging, but we're not sure if he has reflux. for now, our pediatrician wants us to try him on a thicker formula to see if it'll sit better in his stomach. but it's good to know about colic calm. is that working for you? where do you get it?