Sunday, April 26, 2009

4 weeks!

I know I say this every week...but time is just flying! I can't believe 4 weeks ago today we got to meet our little Miya, and each day has been an adventure since then! This week has been good as we are learning more about our little girl. She has started to be more awake, some days more than others. I love when she is awake and happy, she will just lay on her little play mat and kick her legs, move her arms and coo. It's very sweet :) I will go through the pictures to tell what this week had in store for us.

Napping with Mama... She is such a cuddler! That is a nice way of saying she really wants to be held most of the day...and night :) We are learning to work with it. Some days she will be fine and we can sit her down etc... but recently she will fall asleep in our arms and we will try to lay her down...and what do you know, she is awake, and crying to be held! We're hoping it's a phase, we are trying to put her down to sleep as much as possible, but these days being somewhat sleep deprived ourselves, we are choosing our battles! Plus we love cuddling with her too.

Snuggling... Speaking of sleep, we did hit a big milestone this weekend! Saturday night she was kind of fussy and acting like she was starving! I fed her and fed her pretty much from 7 until 10 then she finally fell asleep....and much to my surprise she slept until 4:30am! Yes, that's right our girl slept through the night for the first time on the eve of her 4 week birthday :) Then after that I thought it couldn't get any better but I laid her back down at 5:15 and she slept until 8:45! I woke up and felt like a new woman...I would love to see the trend repeat itself...but am not getting my hopes up :)

Hanging with Dad

Still working out those little biceps. Her neck has gotten so strong! And her little legs are strong too, I can't believe how she can scoot herself over the pillow using her legs!


This is her in her little bathrobe :) She is still quite fond of her bath time, except we did learn a valuable lesson. Don't wake a sleeping baby to give them a's never worth it! We tried and let's just say we had one VERY unhappy girl on our hands. I think it took her a good few hours to calm down after that!

Little Miya got to meet her Auntie Cherai for the very first time this weekend! She loved getting to meet her and enjoyed her visit very much! We also enjoyed being able to eat dinner in peace while Auntie Cherai held her for us...I have grown accustomed to eating with Miya in my lap, but it was nice to get to eat without worrying about dropping food on her head!

Giving hugs goodbye

"playing" during one of her happy awake times

Big yawn!

no more pictures please!

Giving meema big smiles...I love it :) This past friday she started smiling while awake, it's the best!

Her hair has started to get some wave, she has this one cute little curl in the front that I just had to get a picture of :)

Miya also has another new trick. She will hook her fingers around her pacifier and pull it out of her mouth and keep it in her hand. It cracks us up because she eventually will try to get it back in her mouth and that never goes very well....but it's lots of fun to watch! We don't know what she's thinking but we think she's pretty smart :)

love her little toes!

Not quite sure what she's doing with her little hands here :)

That's it for now! We are so thankful for every day with our little girl. This upcoming week she has her one month appointment with the pediatrician, we are wondering how much she weighs now, she has been eating well, and those cheeks are only getting bigger!


Cherai said...

#1 - I LOVE the yawn photo.
#2 - The photos of her in the robe are too adorable. She looks like a prize fighter just chillin' after the fight.
#3 - Auntie Cherai is going on a DIET! Good grief!
Thanks again - I had a ball and hope you guys did too. See you in July if not sooner (may have to come in May to meet with my boss and colleague on a project). Love you all, Cherai

Trebor Siwel said...

You are fortunate to have so many pictures. They will bring back fond memories in the future.

Amy said...

She is so beautiful! Glad you guys are settling in. I saw you walking the other day, but was in the car so I didn't stop. Hope to see you soon so our little ones can meet!!

Amy F.

Mrs. Ellis said...

Love all the sweet pics Laura!!!