Tuesday, April 07, 2009

*more strength*

This morning during Miya's 3:30 am feeding I was very aware of weariness. We both had upset stomachs last night which means we both didn't sleep very well and Miya also is having a little growth spurt which means she is waking up more often to eat as well. As I was sitting feeding her I kept thinking "How am I going to make it tomorrow, I haven't gotten enough sleep and we have a busy day tomorrow!" I also tend to think about all the stuff I want to get done the next day and I can be weary thinking I won't have enough energy. Even though I love feeding my girl, and it's such a joy to know she is growing and that is why she is needing eat more often, I can easily fall into weariness when it comes to the middle of the night feedings. Especially when I have gotten used to her sleeping at least 3 hours at a time at night. But as I was feeding her I read this devotional from "Joy & Strength" that I get in my email each day:

All At Once

When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then Thou knewest my path.

PSALMS 142:3

THE work which we count so hard to do,
He makes it easy, for He works too;
The days that are long to live are His,--
A bit of His bright eternities;
And close to our need His helping is.


DO not yield to the temptation of looking at everything at once, as if everything would happen at once, and all the events of the day be crowded into an hour. Do not thus forecast, but take each thing as it comes to you, and look upon it as the present expression of the will of God concerning you; then regard the next in the same way, and thus receive your day piece by piece from Him who will remember always when He gives you work to do, that you need strength to do it.

Often, when you have almost fainted in spirit, the thought comes, "If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, what shalt thou do with the horsemen?" Put it from you, it is a faithless thought; if you need more strength, you will have it, be sure of that; or the call to greater exertion may never come to you. Your business is with the present; leave the future in His hands who will be sure to do the best, the very best for you.

How sweet and comforting to know that I am guarenteed the strength for the next thing! I don't even need to give it a second thought, it's a promise. I just need to rest in that promise, and I am so thankful. I have to remind myself...one moment at a time.

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shanna@aguel.com said...

This season feels like it will go on forever but it DOESN'T. Grace for today, bright hope for tomorrow is no empty promise. During this season of fog and the weariness that sits in your muscles like pain, press into the sweetness of God that is ONLY available in times of suffering.