Friday, July 28, 2006

More beach fun...

Here they are finally, most of the remaining photos from our trip ;) I will start with some random shots:

Lew and I on one of our early mornings

Smiley Isaiah with Auntie Laura

Every year my Dad brings a puzzle (not a wimpy puzzle but usually one over 1000 pieces) and always finishes it before the end of the week. Here is a picture of his finished work.

These pictures are all from a night my family went out to dinner. We went to a place called Mackys which had bay side seating. We had a really good time, the tables were on the sand and literally our table was 4-5 feet away from the water

Isaiah with Grandpa and Grandma

Group picture: Hannah, Enoch, Lew, Me

My sister Charissa with her boyfriend Patrick

Lew and I

Isaiah with Mom (happy in the sand)

Another shot of our cute little buddy

Mother and son ;) (My sister Hannah with Isaiah)

Cute ducks we saw during dinner

These pictures are from when Lew and I walked up to the very end of the boardwalk where you can see the bay. It was beautiful because the water was really peaceful and there were lots of people fishing which was fun to watch. If you look closely in the first picture you can see our "rosy" sunburned faces ;)

Yup, burnt to a crisp ;)

We are happy to be back...and now that we're done with one trip we're planning for our next one...yes that's right our honeymoon. It hasn't been easy as a lot of options we had wanted are booked up, but this has been a good process especially for me! I am learning to be content with what God provides. He has been so faithful, my sister in law Priscila and brother Sam are giving us their timeshare for a week for our honeymoon. We have booked a resort in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and were able to get all of the options we wanted. It was a long process, but God is so good ;) It's so funny how God knows our idols so specifically and uses times like this to reveal them. I am so grateful God has given me a patient man like Lew who can help me to "simma" in the midst of these anxiety inducing times ;) In fact the reason you haven't seen Lew posting this week is because it's been a super busy week for him. Between trying to catch up on his 107 emails at work after vacation and trying to make decisions for the honeymoon, he's wiped out! But no worries he'll be back soon!
Happy Friday everyone!

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