Thursday, October 12, 2006

Baseball, Grace and Marriage

The Mets are playing the Cardinals in game 1 of the NLCS. I can't help but to wonder what Freddy's thoughts are right now. I worked with Freddy during my internship at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Freddy was a lifelong Mets fan. (Freddy was also a bit out there, when asked who you would play him in a movie about his life his response was "batman"). In the summer of 2004 the Mets made a particular trade that was too much for Freddy. Freddy exclaimed to us that he was fed up and could take it no longer. It was officially over and Freddy divorced the Mets. This was serious business, Freddy sold all of his Mets baseball cards, jerseys, souvenirs and memorabilia. He even e-mailed every Major League Baseball team (except for the Yankees and Braves) letting them know that he was an ex-Mets fan and he was looking for a new team. By the end of my summer at Cooperstown Freddy had not picked a new team and said it could be two year process.

The Mets have obviously been recipients of God's grace and are four victories away from being NL champions. Thinking about Freddy's divorce of the Mets it is just further evidence of why the Bible doesn't support divorce. One of the things that we can count on in marriage is God's faithfulness. He will always be faithful to us in our time of need and gives us the grace that we need. We never need to despair or consider anyone a lost cause because God is on our side. If we are properly trusting in God then we can be patient and know that when marriage is built on grace then God will sustain any marriage.

Reason #65 why I am excited to marry Laura:
She likes going to baseball games with me!

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