Friday, October 06, 2006

Don't Waste Your Life

Something that really struck me earlier this week is how I will glorify God as Laura's husband. Jonah and I were talking about this last weekend and it puts it in perspective when I realize that everything I do for Laura is done for the purpose of God. Piper states in "Don't Waste Your Life," that nothing is merely an idea, but all ideas and actions bear on my wife. Where I work, how I spend my money, what I do in my free time, all of these decisions affect Laura. The only way can I make these decisions to best serve and care for Laura is by primarily viewing everything through the lens of "How can God be most glorified?"

Reason #71 why I am excited to marry Laura:

She is compassionate and has a heart to care for others

Here is Jonah and I at a wedding together this past weekend in Indiana.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!!What a handsome dude you are Lew!!!