Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let's trade

Yup, it's me, carving out some time to write to all those who read this blog. Hi!

There are some books that I have thought about writing reviews on here for, but I haven't had the time. I have had other ideas about things to post about other then books, but then when I finally do get around to blogging I forget what I was going to blog about or feel like it is kind of outdated. Alas.

What do you know, it's free time and an interesting topic to blog about. My newest obsession that I've been telling people about lately is called, "Paperback Swap"

If you are like me, you have read your fair share of books, some of them are worth reading again and some of them just sit on your book case collecting dust. You can find a used book store with the intention of selling your books for spare change, but why do that when you sign up for Paperback Swap.

Paperback Swap is free to join. Let me repeat, it is free to join. All you pay is postage.

It's easy to join, all you have to do is list 9 books and immediately you get three books in return! When someone orders a book that you list you receive a credit to order another book from the website. Remember the barter system that was taught in history class, this is it in the 21st system, for every book I mail out I receive a book.

Currently in Paperback Swap there are over a one million books listed and over 280,000 unique titles. Over 10,000 people have logged into Paperback Swap so far today and this week over 30,000 books have been given away over Paperback Swap.

The only downside to Paperback swap is the speediness of books sent. A book is being sent to me from the state of Washington, it is estimated to arrive by July 9th. I am hoping that they are estimating way late, but who knows, maybe while I wait for the book to arrive I'll post other books on Paperback Swap.

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