Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some Pictures from this past week.

Here are some fun pictures from Father's Day. We had so much fun spending time with my Dad and family. A lot of the pictures I took were of Gianna (I can't resist she is just too cute...and funny!)

She was thrilled to get in on some of our "adult food" ;)

Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of my Dad and Gianna....but this one makes me laugh so hard. My Dad is mid-sentence and Gianna is can see for yourself ;)

There is that tongue again ;) She looks cute with Mommy here.

Dad with one of his remaining children. We call this one the "red-headed stepchild" (his real name is webster) he has a complex and thinks everyone is conspiring against him. So he is always on edge and tends to isolate himself. Ever since they adopted his sister Tiny he has felt overruled and very powerless. So most often you will find him sulking, and usually the brunt of many jokes.

Gianna playing with the TV

Happy girl

Getting to know Gidget (the dog my little sister is watching for the week)

Gidget looks a little hesitant as Gianna goes for her ear...

So, Monday I was at home when I got a call from Lew saying something funny had happened. He entered a raffle for free Nationals tickets that morning and won...and the game was for that night. So my good friend Kelly let me reschedule our dinner plans for that night (very last minute..your the best Kel!) and Lew and I were able to go to the game. It was such a fun time...even though the Nationals lost horribly.

Thats all for now! Whats going on in our life the next week....hanging out with the small group that we lead tonight, zoo on Friday....and next week Cheryl and JD's wedding ;)

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I just love your pictures!