Monday, June 25, 2007

Spontaneity at it's best!

Thursday morning I was doing some things around the house when I checked out my sister hannah's blog and saw some new pictures of my nephew Isaiah. I started to think about how much I missed them since they moved to North Carolina and then the thought came to mind...hmmm Lew is only working a half day on Friday...hmmm...we don't have any plans this weekend....I'm gonna call Lew! So I did and presented him with a crazy and spontaneous idea for our weekend "Let's drive down to Charlotte this weekend!" With my sisters approval we left around 11:30 Friday morning.

We had such a fun visit. Friday night some friends from their church (the Sovereign Grace Church in Charlotte) invited us over for some southern hospitality with my sisters family. We had a cookout and played some Corn Hole....this is a game similar to horseshoes and very popular a long with the game Washers.

Then Saturday we spent the day at a spray park (hard to explain you'll see what it is with the pictures) and then on the play ground. Then we got to drive around with Hannah and Enoch to see some of the area along with where their new home is being built. Charlotte is such a neat place, there is definitely a lot of building and growing down there right now.

Then Sunday we got to visit Crossway Community Church which was like a smaller version of our Church here in Maryland. We really enjoyed it! Then we went out to lunch with Hannah, Enoch and Isaiah and were on our way back up to Maryland. It was a great of those spontaneous things that makes being a newlywed so great. We were reminded that these are the kinds of things we won't be able to do once we have kids, so we're taking advantage now!

So here are some pictures of our weekend! Thank you Hannah and Enoch for accommodating us on such short notice! We had such a great time.

Lew spent a lot of time playing with and entertaining was very cute!

Story time with Uncle Lew

Music time with Uncle Lew

Tickle time with Uncle Lew

Jumpin' on the bed time with Uncle Lew

"Uncle Lew even let me play with his keys!"

Fun Keys ;)

Then at the spray park....

He was very hesitant...he just kept his distance for a little while

Then we convinced him to get a little closer...but as you can see by his face he still wasn't thrilled!

Then Uncle Lew convinced him to touch the water....

and then he even convinced him to let him run through the water while being held...

Holding on for dear life...but enjoying it none the less ;)

Then I got a chance to run through with him...he looked a little concerned at times but for the most part really had fun!Weeee!
Then he got to a point where he would walk through as long as one of us was holding his hand. As you can tell we weren't really getting wet. We were walking under the sprinklers...we didn't want to upset him too much!

With MommyAunt Laura....You can tell I was having fun, I think I had just gotten splashed in the face there.

He loved this ducky inter tube he found but it wasn't ours and he wasn't too happy when we had to take it away! At this point he was really getting into the experience ;)

And then to the park....

Lew did a great job keeping "little buddy" (as Lew likes to call him) busy. He ran around the playground with him like a big kid!Weee! Going down the slide

Going down the slide with Uncle Lew

Riding the... tractor?
At this point Isaiah was really looking tired ;) You can see it in his face!

This is a video I couldn't resist. When we were eventually driving home he was so exhausted...but definitely was trying to fight his sleepiness. You can see him nodding off....but then trying to keep his eyes open...too cute! Lew definitely wore him out.

Then when we got home....
Isaiah apparently wore Lew out too! He napped while Isaiah was napping.

Then....little buddy woke up....
"Wake up Uncle 'Woo'....come on wake up...lets play"
(of course he didn't say any of these things....but I think he was thinking them!)

"Come on....don't you wanna play!"

"Ha Ha! Mission accomplished!"

We had such a great time! Thanks to my wonderful husband who went with my spontaneous plan....and spent a lot of time we could go for the weekend! I am so grateful for you my love!


Mrs. Ellis said...

Lew is going to be a wonderful daddy some day!!!!!!!!!

Hannah said...

We so enjoyed our time with you. Thank you for all your driving to come visit. Isaiah was looking for you both this morning. We look forward to seeing you again in August. Love ya!

Prellis said...

It really looked like you guys had a great time as you said. I loved the video! Isaiah is getting so big, and he is so cute!

Becca said...

such fun! I love the video of Isaiah nodding off. :-)

Cherai said...

It looked like you guys had a blast! How great. Have fun with Mom and Dad Lewis coming to town. I'll be in the week of July 9th so I'll call you when once the schedule is firmed up. Have to see my favorite sister in law! Oh, and see my brother too. :-) Love you guys.