Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby countdown...12 weeks left

Hard to believe I am 28 weeks....and in the 3rd trimester! I really think the holidays made the last 2 months fly, but now things seems to be slowing down a bit. That includes me. I seem to be hitting that glorious "I'm bloated, fatigued, and starting to waddle" phase of pregnancy. Don't get me wrong I still feel really good, and other than a really weak immune system leading to lots of upper respiratory/sinus infections, this has been a really uncomplicated pregnancy (praise the Lord), but I can already see a difference these past few weeks. My spring chicken, surges of energy, energizer bunny days of the second trimester already seem like a thing of the past. I feel like I could nap at any given moment, LOVE sitting, um make that laying down, whenever I can, and making dinner has looked like scrambled eggs and cereal. Thankfully I can still muster up the strength to work 2 days a week, exercise, and clean the apartment. I am just so glad we did most of our unpacking and organizing during my peak energy point! It looks like the timing of our move was absolutely perfect! Any later and my poor hubby would have been doing most of the work :)

Here is the most up to date belly:
For a fun comparison here is me at 12 weeks in the same clothing...

Lew and I decided this shirt has most likely seen it's last stretch :) It's funny but I don't ever remember being this small....but I do remember I felt so "huge" at this point!

On another note the nursery planning has been fun. We chose a birdie "aviary" theme. So we have lots of birds/owls which is totally random b/c I never was interested in either before pregnancy but now I would say I am borderline obsessed. I am going to some how find a way to incorporate this verse...
Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? ~Matt 6:26
Here is a little sneak peak, I will post the "final" product when it's finished, I am still waiting on some prints to hang and our special birdie mobile...

That is sweet camille the owl in the corner , yeah I'm pretty much obsessed with her. I bought her on etsy from a shop called skunkboy creatures they are very special little animals :)

This blanket (also from etsy) was the inspiration for room. I loved the little birds and the colors so we pretty much picked everything based off of this blanket. Our bedding is quite a "hodgepodge" of colors and patterns. I bought everything seperate because I just couldn't find anything that wasn't too matchy matchy. So our primary colors are: red, pink, black and yellow, with some green and light blue...that definitely covers the whole spectrum huh!?

Lew has laughed so hard because I pretty much wanted to get everything from etsy.com. So far most things are from there. I just love all the cute creative stuff on there, and usually the prices are good for getting something totally homemade, and I love the idea of supporting a starving artist :) One day Lew sent me a gchat saying: "having fun shoppingon etsy?" and I thought, "huh how does he know" totally forgetting our paypal account is linked to his work email so he was getting a ton of emails saying "your paypal payment has been accepted" :) I just laughed...I was defintely caught in the act!

Well thats pretty much the update for now. I have my glucose screening test tomorrow am, which Im really looking forward to getting that over with. I have to fast which pretty much stinks, but hopefully I will pass and not have to encounter the 3 hour glucose tolerance test!!

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skunkboycreatures said...

Camille looks so happy in your beautiful nursery! Thank you for giving her such a good home!