Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~First Overnight Guest~

We had a special little visitor over 2 weekends ago! Our sweet little nephew Brendon graced us with his presence Sunday into Monday evening and we had such a fun time with him.

He is such a good sleeper, and overall a happy little boy :) Here are some fun pictures of his stay:

Story time with Uncle Lew

I think the camera was distracting him from his story :)

He loved playing under our table...it was so funny I would turn around and look for him and he would be under the chair or table entertaining himself :)

We had some extended PJ time :)
I'm not sure what he was thinking about here...

big cheese!

he stayed pretty close to uncle lew the whole time

I love his paci smiles...

We had some fun play time with cousins Naomi and Isaiah. It was so funny naomi kept poking him with her finger like she was trying to figure him out. Isaiah also kept asking me "is this your baby?" Even though he knows his cousin brendon, I think he was a little confused by him being at our house with out Jer and Rach.

Here Naomi is offering brendon a taste of her finger...watch out naomi he has teeth!

His reaction to the snowfall outside was sheer delight :) He was so mesmerized he even lost interest in his food!

Watching with Naomi...

More relaxing with Uncle Lew...

We had fun with this little man!


Rachel said...

Love the pictures you took! So glad B got some time with Uncle Lew and Aunt Laura! :o)

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