Friday, January 02, 2009

Not a teenager anymore.

Hard to believe my baby sister Rissa has entered her twenties. I look at her all grown up and can't believe how the time has flown! She got very exciting news this fall when she found out that she got accepted into the very same nursing program I graduated from. She will be starting in January! I am so excited for her, she will make an excellent nurse :)

Rissa I love you and respect you so much! You have grown into such a beautiful woman, I can't wait to see all God has in store for you this year!

Pictures from her b-day celebration with the family:

Rissa and Tommy. (I just noticed her hair is blowing around in this picture..I think she was sitting in front of the heater :))

The birthday girl with her large cookie cake

Haha Isaiah is attempting to help her blow her candles out all the way from his seat :P

Sweet Naomi under the tree

Little Gianna, she is getting so big!

Playing with Uncle Lew

Little B wasn't feeling so well this day :( but was still as cute as ever

Isaiah making me say "cheese"

the "littlest" for now :) Julia I love her sweet little face!

My little "mini-me" I look at her and see myself at her age, she is so full of spunk :) So much fun...
More of sweet Julia
Trying to get a picture with the two oldest....Isaiah had his eyes fixed on something else...
Naomi's "partial scowl" She gets this super serious look on her face when she isn't so sure...

I broke her and got a smile :)

Uncle Lew and Gi-Gi

Ah,fun times with family...Hard to believe how the kids are all getting so big!

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