Thursday, March 19, 2009

37 weeks and growing....

So, we've reached the "full term" mark which has been oh so fun. I find that every morning I wake up wondering "will it be today?" I know most women (especially first time moms) tend to be overdue...but I still have this feeling that it won't be me. I'm sure some of you mommies out there are laughing at my wishful thinking. Either way it's more fun to wake up every day wondering if today will be the day...Which reminds me I need to pack my bag, I still haven't gotten that far :)

The update:

I saw my OB yesterday and everything looks great, I made a little bit of progress this week which is good, he still holds to his prediction that Miya will come right around her due date maybe a little early. We'll see! My group B strep culture came back negative (which is always good news I suppose) and the only thing that alarmed him a little was my blood pressure was up. However, being the skeptical nurse that I am, I think my BP was up because the nurse took me right back as soon as I walked in the door, had me jump on the scale, go the bathroom and go to the exam room all in one swoop then sat me right down to check my blood pressure. I mean a pregnant woman (37 weeks pregnant at that!) needs a chance to sit and catch her breath! So anyways then once he told me it was high he wanted to check it again, and of course it was still high, but not quite as high as it had been. I told him: "Now that you told me it's high I'm going to be anxious about it and that will probably make it high again!" He decided to be cautious and has instructed me to cut salt (which I hardly eat much salt), drink more water (I don't think this is humanly possible, unless I live in the bathroom) and sit with me feet up most of the day (I'm happy to oblige on this one). I am still slightly skeptical. I think it was a fluke, but what do I know. I haven't had any swelling, which is great, so I am not worried. But if you think of it pray that it will be down for my next visit, so poor Dr. Z can stop worrying about it, and so we can continue to wait for Miya to come on her own.

That's it for now! We'll keep you posted if anything eventful happens :)

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Jose & Rebekah said...

Hi Laura,

I don't think you know who I am, but I enjoy reading your blog. I used to go to CLC and now live in CA. I had a baby two months ago so I can relate to your feelings of waiting and wondering. My BP always was up to - and yes you do have to take into consideration the anxiety that can accompany waiting to be seen and then the getting up thing. My last three appointments they had to retake my BP and the second reading was always lower. Don't discount your instincts either. I was told I would probably be late...and I went into labor on my due date and baby Timothy came out a day later!