Monday, March 23, 2009

Maybe...maybe not :)

Yes, we've entered the "is this it" of pregnancy. It's actually been quite humorous. I have been having semi-strong painful contractions since Thursday, but obviously Miya is not here yet. So there have been many moments of timing them, rushing to pack the bag, and asking each other "could this be it?" I won't complain though, this seems to have been the case for my sister (who had contractions weeks before hand and had short labors both times) sounds great to me. Although the thought of being like this for 2 more weeks does seem a little tough to stomach. I have already started to pray: "Lord I know your timing is perfect...but (gotta love those "buts" in prayers) if it's your will can she come soon?" We are also praying she will come early/on time so Lew's parents can enjoy their first grandchild when they visit the week of our due date. So please pray with us!

The funniest part has been the lack of sleep that has come with this waiting game, especially for my sweet husband. Saturday night I woke him up after having contractions 5 minutes apart that were painful enough I couldn't sleep through them. I jumped out of bed exclaiming "we need to pack the bag!" Needless to say neither of us got good sleep that night and the contractions eventually tapered off. Another funny thing that cracks me up is I tend to want to "check on Lew" throughout the night. I don't know why I do this, but it has only happened since I have been pregnant, and it is definitely worse now as we near the end. Basically, I wake up and get this impulse to "check on him" which looks like a poke, or a tap, or just saying his name. In response poor Lew (who probably thinks I'm waking him because I'm in labor) jumps out of his sleep and replies "are you ok" or "what's wrong?" to which I reply "oh nothing, I just wanted to make sure you were ok". And being the sweet husband he is, he just says ok and rolls over and goes back to sleep. My sister-in-law Rachel reminded me of the Dad from Father of the Bride 2 (which happens to be one of my all time favorite movies) who eventually resorted to sleeping pills because of the many nights of interrupted sleep and false labor. The sleeping pills totally knocked him out and go figure, finally, real labor starts for both his wife and daughter and he is totally incapacitated from the sleeping pills. Resulting in a very funny scenario for everyone. Hopefully it won't get that far for us, but I watched the clip below from the movie and laughed so hard at the thought of it! I included the clip for your viewing pleasure :)

So the waiting game continues. I will find out if there has been any progress on Wednesday. Until them I am walking as much as possible (drs. orders!) and nesting like crazy to keep myself busy. Also an update on my blood pressure: I have been checking it at home and it has been low every time! Yay! Thanks for your prayers. We shall see what happens!


Hannah said...

You and I are very much alike because I have definitly done the "checking on him" thing before. I would recommend packing your bag soon so you won't forget anything important because who knows when little Miya is planning to come. We'll be praying sooner than later. Love ya!

Laura said...

haha you make me laugh, we are so much alike. Today is my bag packing day. I have charged everything that needs to be charged...i'm working on doing all the laundry, and of course doing lots of walking to get things moving along :)

Brandy said...

You crack me up! 'Im hoping we will still be able to see you guys Wednesday but at the same time- hoping maybe not!!! Your girlie will be here soon- please please cherish these final moments/days with just you and your husband. And try to rest- I know easier said than done. Praying for the three of you! :O)