Wednesday, March 25, 2009

38 weeks, ready or not!

So I wanted to give a quick update, but first let me say I just can't believe how close we are! I look at the days passing by and think oh my gosh it really will be any day now! And yes, we are so very excited.

This past week I actually got sick again. I know, in the words of my OB "wow this pregnancy has really knocked your immune system out." Yup, he's right. I have pretty much been sick every 2 weeks, but ya know I will probably never appreciate my immune system more than I will after Miya is born. Whatever I have now has been the worst so far, and my doctor believes that it is basically the same infection that never really goes away and just keeps coming back stronger than before. So this time we are trying a stronger antibiotic with a super powered cough syrup with codeine in it. He is really hoping that at least this cough medicine will help me to sleep so I can be well rested for labor...I happen to like the thought of that. We would love your prayers that my body would respond well to these antibiotics and that this will be the end of this sickness for good!

So, in bigger news, baby Miya is really ready to go! I am 2cm dilated and my cervix is pretty much completely thinned out and ready to go. My Dr. just kept saying "oh this is so great, her head is so low and in the most perfect position and your body is just as ready as it can be!" That was music to my ears as I have been having lots of contractions. He said I am very "favorable" for labor and he really thinks she is going to come soon, he feels even stronger about his prediction that I will not make it to my 40 week due date. Sounds wonderful.

So we will keep you posted. Could be any day now, how crazy is that :) Any suggestions of last minute things I should get in before she comes?


Rachel said...

just sleep... enjoy it! :)

Jose & Rebekah said...

SLEEP! As Rachel said...enjoy all the sleep your body will allow :)

Brandy said...

Uninterupted time with your hubby and Sleep of course! :O)

Amy said...

It was great meeting you in the office on Wed. Great news on your progress!! I was pretty much unchanged since the previous week, so looks like you'll probably beat me...maybe I'll see you at the pond, or better yet, in the hospital!! :) And hope you're feeling better.


Becca said...

go Miya!! praying for you guys!!