Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Little Bit of History

I added some new links to my blog. They are from Bob Kauflin's blog on blogging to worship God. Bob has some great insights on this subject. Honestly, I struggle with blogging, especially my personal life because I see so much pride in me. I feel like when I blog about my personal life I am walking that fine line of glorifying myself or glorifying God. Near the end of my blogging with xanga, I rarely ever had a personal post, but it was always about what I was learning from God.

My original blog was meant to keep in touch with friends. I am guessing some of them won't read this blog, because it's another step where as with xanga you could just subsribe. For those of you who like subscription, I do have an rss feed on here and I will be adding a link soon for that. Even through the blog, I felt like I lost the connection with some friends. Virtual community has nothing on a real community.

One of the things I am excited about with this new blog is that Laura and I can post together on it. We can chronicle our journey through engagement and even into marriage. I had actually thought about doing this before we were engaged and created a blog called, "Sinners in need of Grace." We both definitely need grace and God has definitely been generous in giving us grace.

My prayer with this blog is that it won't be about us or a place to feed our ego's. Instead, a place about God and His glory, where we make much of the cross and how it has impacted our lives. Really, without the blood of Christ we would not be together and really not have anything worth saying.

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