Monday, May 01, 2006


Reading about the release of Barabbas made me think of my own sinful nature. Barabbas was a murderer and led a rebel. Is there any difference with me? In my younger years I had a period of rebellion until God became my shield and exceedingly great reward. Even though He is my exceedingly great reward, I still reward and choose the fleeing and worthless things of this world. I am also a murderer, because of my sin, the son of God died in my place, a death at my hands to make me an heir and give me a hope.

Like Pilate, I have a decision to make, will I live free in Jesus or mortify my sin. Because of comfort and popular opinion I will often release my sin and let it have free reign, while Jesus is hanging on a cross to save me from the things I choose over Him.

How shall I who call Christ Lord continue to release Barabbas, a murderer and rebel? If I am dead to sin and alive to Christ then why do I continually give into my flesh so Barabbas can be free and all the while shouts of “crucify” are being made to Him who made me alive? Praise God that His effectual grace has given me life and made me free. I am no longer controlled by my sin and forced to let Barabbas have reign over me. Instead, I can live free from sin, be a slave to God and bear the fruit of Holiness. (If this paragraph sounds famaliar, it was a paraphrase of Romans 6)

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