Thursday, July 12, 2007

My first creation

My goal this summer is to pick up some new hobbies, specifically things related to being a homemaker. So, my first attempt: Sewing. My Mom says I probably have sewing in my blood because my Grandmother and Aunt on my Dads side are seamstresses and we also had a lot of tailors on my Mom's side. My Mom also used to make her own clothes, so she will be a good teacher! We shall see ;) And my first creation:

Yes it's a pillow....simple, I know, but I must start somewhere right?!

The pillows bring out these subtle blue stripes in our bedding (can you see them?)...really brightens it up!

My next attempt...I hope to make one of these:
A little ambitious? Maybe, but I think I can understand how it works by looking at it... it's worth a try. I'll let ya know how that goes.

Thanks Mama for letting me use your sewing machine and for being a patient teacher!

Another Hobby for the summer: photography. I have always been interested but never pursued it. So all you pros out there any tips on a good starter camera?


Becca said...

nice work! I want to make some pillows for the living room. thanks for the renewed inspiration. :-)

Mrs. Ellis said...

Laura:My, what a little woman you are becoming!!!!!Love it!!! Your pillows are beautiful on the bed!!!Brings a little coolness to your warm colors!!Keep up the good work. You get an A+ for your first project!!!

megan said...

Nice work on the pillows.
isn't sewing fun :)

I'd recommend the Nikon D40.
It's the best SLR digital camera out there for the price, in my opinion. but i am biased to nikons :)
I have the D50 and I just LOVE it.

Jess said...

I, too, am a Nikon fan. Dave and I decided that we want to take up photography together as a hobby. We just bought the Nikon D80 as our starter camera with an extra 50-200 zoom lense. If you do buy, I would recommend buying at Ritz Camera verses buying on line. The people at Ritz were very knowledgeable and able to point us to the camera that best fit our goals. They also offer photography classes (you get $300 worth of free classes when you buy a camera at their store). Jonalee Earles recommended all this to us as she just did the same thing. Anyway, hope that was helpful! We love our new camera...

Prellis said...

Good job Laura. The pillows looked really nice in your room.