Monday, July 02, 2007

Tales from the Cube

I love my job, but I sometimes can't help but to laugh when I think about the databases I've been assigned to. I won't name the databases, but here are some ways that a few of them have been described.

Database #1: "It's a funky database that we've done funky things to."

: "The worst database that we host on our platform." and "Do they know how bad this data is? I mean, it can't be structured this way for a reason, can it?"

Database #3
: Conversation during project status meeting
Me: China was complaining about this database not being updated for two years on their server and I did some research and discovered that it has not been updated any place.
Project manager: Do we have customers that are subscribed to this database?
VP of electronic publishing: Yes
Project manager: (with a tone of shock that customers have a subscription to this database) They're not paying customers are they?
VP: (in her best office space tone of voice)Um, yeah.

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