Monday, September 17, 2007


I haven't done a "weekend read" post in a while, but I did want to post about a different kind of read. If anyone takes a look at my Amazon wishlist, it is obvious that one of my favorites read is Bible commentaries. I have recently created the goal of studying all of the Bible with a commentary and this is also includes owning a different commentary on each book of the Bible. My collection has steadily been growing one great aid in this endeavor is buying used on A website that I recently discovered is which will find the cheapest prices for books online.

Some of the commentary series that I would recommend are

The Bible Speaks Today - Section by section exposition with analysis of context and verses. Easy to find application and very accessible. This series is a fairly new and have all been written in my lifetime. A bonus about this series is that it covers every book of the Bible.
Crossway Classic Commentaries - This is quickly become one of my favorite commentary series. It includes commentaries written by Calvin, Luther and Hodge but modified from their original language for easier comprehension. Unlike the Bible Speaks Today this includes verse by verse exposition, which I prefer because it makes it easier to follow along with the text. The only downside to this series is that it isn't available for every book of the Bible.

Essential commentaries that are not in a series:

Anything by James Montgomery Boice - I only have his series on Genesis and the Minor Prophets, but I definitely plan to add others to my collection. His commentaries are a verse by verse exposition, but they read like a sermon and are very nourishing for my soul.
Treasury of David - It's a verse by verse exposition of the Psalms by Spurgeon! Really, does anything else need to be said?
Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible - Let's say you are not like me and only wish to own one commentary, this is the commentary to own. From Genesis to Revelations this commentary is a verse by verse exposition with detailed explanation of passages in a devotional format that is very practical. Even if you do plan on owning many commentaries this is a great one to start your library with.
J.C. Ryle's exposition of the Gospels - I recently got this set when I was honored at a small group leader's retreat. I have yet to really dig into it, but from what I've read in it as I've skimmed different sections, it definitely has potential to become one of my favorites. Ryle is very practical and instructive in these writings that deal section by section with the gospel's. He uncovers sins and points to grace with each page.

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