Friday, September 28, 2007


I have really enjoyed reading a blog recently called Holy Experience. It belongs to a mother of 6 who is an amazing writer and many times I am refreshed and encouraged by her perspective. Here is an excerpt of something I read there today that encouraged me SO VERY MUCH!

“Expectations kill relationship.”

I’ll never forget where I was standing, what the color of the sky was, when Mama said those words.

The words reverberate inside of me, and ring true, sure. When I expect something, demand something, presume, anticipate, await something, I fail to be to grateful for what is. I smother the gift of what simply is, in my stampeding expectation for what I proudly, arrogantly, wrongly think should be. My expectations of what kind of life God should give snuffs out my gratitude for the life He has given.

Read the rest here.

(Also I have been tagged to post some recipes....will do that soon!)

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Charissa said...

Hey sis! Thanks for posting this, I really enjoyed reading that blog, it was very encouraging! I love you so much <3 Riss