Monday, September 10, 2007

Finally pictures...

Here are a few from our trip. We had such a great time in North Carolina with my sister's family! Thank you guys for letting us stay with you for a whole week!! We love you guys ;)

(some of the pictures uploaded a little blurry..not sure why and can't seem to fix it.)

Group kisses

Lots of play time with "Unc Woo" (Uncle Lew)

Glorious bubbles ;) He loves them

He looks mesmerized in this picture!

so cute.

Little boxer

Playing his little piano

Tickle time!

Cute little laugh!

My sweet love and I. I love you so much babe. What a joy it is to be your wife ;)


Hannah said...

We miss you already! Isaiah had quite a few days he woke up looking for un lew n an la-ra. We enjoyed your company and can't wait for you to come back down again. Love ya!

Charissa said...

Oh my goodness these pictures are so adorable, I'm so glad you had such a good time in NC, I miss you all and Hannah, Enoch and Isaiah too,I love you guys so much, this def. made me smile!Oh Laura can you email me the recipe we used for chicken paprikas, I'm going to make it again here : ) thanks!

Seth and Janet said...

so cute! yay for picture updates.

it was so good to be with you and the girls on saturday. cant wait to do it again :)