Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just for fun

I had Priscila and Rachel over for lunch today and got to take a lot of fun pictures of Gianna. Hard to believe how fast she's growing ;)

Here's a few just for fun:
2 front teeth
Check out those teeth ;)


Checkin out the bookshelf
Checkin out the bookshelf. She seemed to be interested in the theology books

Chubby toes
Cute chubby toes ;)


Charissa said...

Aww what a sweety, these pictures made me smile! I love you guys, hope you have fun today at mom & dads! <3 Riss

Mrs. Ellis said...

I love those chubby toes!!!Mema Ellis

Prellis said...

Thanks for always taking sweet pictures of Gianna! We loved them!